La Crosse's ROCK Station!


Pints with Puck

Puck truly has the best job in the world and today he shows us why! Check out the Island City Brewing High Forest Red Ale and the Potosi Wee Stein Wit.

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The King of the Cans has been named!

The 2019 King of the Cans has been named! Patrick Roberts or shall we say KING PATRICK ROBERTS is our winner this year! Be on the lookout for this mug all over the bathrooms at this years Riverfest!

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How was The Armory?

I’ve been to a crap load of concerts in my life but somehow there are a few venues I have yet to throw down in. One of those venues is The Armory in Minneapolis. I found out my favorite band Mastodon was playing there with Coheed and Cambria, which is a hard band to get…

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