Why Would They Do This To Us?

Haven’t we as humans suffered enough? As Rick and Morty say “Existence is pain.”

Without pain there can be no reasonable idea of what joy is some of you philosophical nerds are yelling at your screen. Well FINE! That doesn’t change the fact that this abomination I’m about to show you should never have been created. Lots of people give Nickelback crap for being awful, untalented hacks that give Canada a worse name, the personification of the bath mat from a frat house, a creature that only appears when you combine the perfect amount of douche and capitalism, and many other rude though strangely accurate names.

Most of those names they don’t truly deserve, I mean they were friends with Dime and Vinnie Paul. And most of the time I would defend them. But not today. Not after what I just heard. I’m sorry you have to hear this now too. Without pain there can be no joy. Let’s hope this brings so much joy because it’s bringing me so much pain.

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