Discover New Music With Decker!

Tours and shows are FINALLY being announced and that means a TON of kick ass new music! Here’s a few of the stand outs in my opinion!

Always good to see the guys in Nonpoint coming out with new stuff. They’ve recently started their own record label too which is badass!

Starset shocked everyone when they released this tune last week. And by everyone I mostly mean me and my office mates when I squealed like a small child with glee when I got the email with this banger!

Holy hell this band just keeps getting better! One of the coolest things I’ve seen at a show was Beartooth getting the whole crowd to go nuts at The Armory, check it out!

And lastly some more epic and heavy Andrew W.K. Which is a sentence I didn’t think I’d ever write. Know of any other kickass new tunes I should check out? Hit me up in the comments!

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