Brewing With Decker!

This past weekend it was too gorgeous outside to not do something productive. So instead of cleaning the house or getting any more nursery items put together I decided to make some beer! I’ve made 5 different beers in my homebrew career and this was my second dive into creating my own recipe. The Wife has been telling me she doesn’t like IPA’s or pale ales that I’ve made in the past and that I need to make a stout, so I did!

I’m not much of a stout man so I needed some help making the recipe, shout out to Brandon and Skeleton Crew Brew for helping a dude with that! Stouts are usually too roasty for my taste, but hey if you like them cool! I’m not here to yuck your yum. So this is the recipe I went with. If you make your own beer hit me up! I wanna meet more homebrewers!

What a great name I must say. I guess I started working on this idea when it was like -15 this winter, lol oops! Brewing beer is one of my most favorite meditation activities. It’s great, relaxing and at the end of it you have something that’ll eventually get you drunk. Doing things like this is important in keeping my mental health in check. And having the day be as beautiful as it was, was the cherry on top.

The brew day itself went incredibly well. First time EVER I didn’t have a boil over. Everything went off without a hitch and it smelled amazing. The Wife said I do a better job of not screwing up when it’s not for me. Touche’. Didn’t hit the projected O.G. of 1.094, I hit 1.078, but I’d rather have a 8% beer than an 12% alcohol bomb. Breweries can make those taste good, I cannot.

Here are some fun, warm, beer-making pics! I’ll let you all know how it tastes in a month or so!

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