I’m Vaxxed, Relaxed and Ready To Socially Distantly Mingle Part 3: The Third One.

Quite the saga we have gone through my dear friends! From joy and optimism, to fatigue and malaise, it certainly has been quite the week. And to think it’s only Thursday. But it is Thursday and you know what that means!

To be honest with you, as me this humble narrator will always be, I haven’t watched for the last few weeks.

Rude indeed doctor I’m not sure if you’re still on the show or you died 7 seasons ago! I’ll catch up though soon! Maybe I can hop back in without any re-watching because they’ll do a bunch of hype packages like the other best show on tv does. Or I’ll just be even MORE confused as to what’s happening and thusly making my already ignorant questions even more so! My god it’s devious.

After a few days of having a vaccine do it’s thing through my body I can say I am feeling great! And if I feel hungover in the next few days I’ll know who to blame.

Me talking directly to my beer fridge.

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