Will We Be Physically Ready For Concerts to Come Back?

Here’s the thing, it’s been a long 18 months. Lots of beers, Netflix binges and minimal human contact. I may have lost a step or two when it comes to proper concert preparedness and stamina.

But even with those months of stagnation it’s still important to remember some basic concert etiquettes!

First thing to remember is that we are all trying to remember how to act around big groups of people. Yes I know some people may have more recent experience than others but keep in mind many have not and may be weary of the crowd.

Next, remember your pit etiquette. If someone gets knocked down, help them up. Don’t go against the grain of the circle, unless you want to be rocked. Don’t push anyone in that doesn’t want to be pushed in, nothing worse than someone not ready to mosh throw into a circle with no exit in sight. Also don’t shove people out of your way to get into the pit, use gentle pressure.

How should you prepare yourself? I suggest balance drills and copious amounts of standing. So much standing. Try standing on different angles. Hard grounds. One foot, two feet, three feet yay! Do some jumping too, don’t want the ankles to give out mid-show!

Concerts are coming back soon and we all need to be ready. My biggest piece of advice is this. Don’t be a dick. Simple. Rock on!

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