I’m Vaxxed, Relaxed and Ready to Socially Distantly Mingle Part 2: Vengence

Yesterday I got my second shot and was feeling on top of the world! The idea of going out into a public space with no fear and participating in ending an awful 14 month worldwide pandemic was coursing through my veins like ants through a picnic.

Yesterday when I wrote my blog I didn’t have any ill feelings, my head was clear and my energy level was peak. However today, I am dragging. Much like the first shot I feel like I am super hungover. This time though I get the added bonus of a sore arm, so that’s nice.

Honestly though if feeling crummy for a few days in the middle of the week is the worst that’ll happen, I’m here for it. Plus it gave me an excuse to take a power nap at lunch which might just become a new normal for me. Can we normalize adult nap time? There’s another political platform I’d support unflinchingly. Every American is allotted 2 hours every day for napping or quiet reflection. Give me that and universal healthcare and you got my vote!

Vote Donnelly!

All in all the shot isn’t all that bad and if you do get the rough side effects just take the day off of work. Bummer you don’t have to work and you can sit on your couch and watch daytime TV like when you stayed home from school! Even if you don’t get the side effects take the day off, you deserve it.

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