The Weather is Warming Up and That Means One Thing…

Great TV! My goodness so much glorious screen time! There are new serial killer docs coming out like this one about Son of Sam on Netflix.

There are two shows on Hulu that are pretty kick ass too. Like “The Handmaids Tale” and “Cruel Summer” both of which are shockingly Hulu originals. I say shockingly because Hulu, in my mind, isn’t known for anything good. The Handmaids Tale is so good, much more broooootal than I thought it’d be.

Check out this trailer for Cruel Summer, it’s pretty lit! Give me all the psychological thrillers!

Nothing brings me more joy than knowing there’s a great big wonderful world out there and that I can explore all sorts of natural beauties. Nothing, I suppose, more than watching great TV with the windows open. That’ll be enough outdoors for me this spring.

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