Rock Mornings

Brian, Jean, and Shaw have been a part of your Rock Mornings on 95.7 The Rock for TWO DECADES!

Join Brian, Jean, and Shaw Weekdays from 6 until 9AM & Saturdays from 6 until 10AM for Rock Mornings... ahem: "Best Of" so you can catch up on anything you missed over the week...  Or at least, the good stuff they had. (It's a short show)

Listen up for Three-Ways with Shaw, the Monday Morning Throwback, Workforce Wednesday, "You're Killin' Me, Shaws", the Summer Party Tip, "Bad News with Happy Music" plus Doc's Racing Report and MUCH MORE!

If you can't get up that early, hey.  No prob.  Just downloads the Best of Rock Mornings podcast... and if you don't have it already, download the 95-7 The Rock APP.  It's free, and with it, you can listen to Rock Mornings absolutely anywhere on the planet.

*everywhere you have cell service that is...