Watch horror movies. Get paid. (again)

I’m sure you know by now that I’m a HUGE movie buff. I quote them all the time.

And my favorite genre is Halloween/horror films, followed closely by big-budget action movies.

Gimme ALL the Die Hards & Predators!

I’ve written several blogs in the past about horror movies, including this one about the creepiest kids in horror movies, and this one about all the Easter horror movies we watched this past year, and this one about what horror films were made in your state, and this one about the creepiest basements in horror movies, and this one about the top horror movies of the last 20 years, and this one about the scariest film of all time, according to #Science, and this one about the best quotes from horror movies, and this one about the most iconic Halloween films of all time.

My dream job would be to sit around all day, watching movies, and getting paid.

But does that job even exist?


Sorta…..a website named “FinanceBuzz” is looking to possibly obtain your personal information and pay you for it under the guise of “watching horror movies in exchange for cash”.

According to their website, their “….mission is to help you get ahead with your finances…”

I suppose, giving someone $1,300 to watch movies is one way to achieve that.

They’ll give you 13 movies to watch, for $100 apiece. The movies are: “Saw”, “The Amityville Horror”, “A Quiet Place”, “A Quiet Place 2”, “Candyman”, “Insidious”, “The Blair Witch Project”, “Sinister”, “Get Out”, “The Purge” the 2018 “Halloween”, “Paranormal Activity” and “Annabelle”.

Kinda lame list.

If you get “hired”, they’ll send you the $1,300, a $50 gift card to cover the movie rentals, and you’ll also score a FitBit that you’ll wear while watching the movies to monitor your heartbeat to see how SCARED you get!

website called Finance Buzz is looking for someone to watch 13 horror movies . . . and they’ll pay you $1,300 to do it. They’ll also send you a FitBit to wear, so they can monitor your heartbeat and see how SCARED you get.

You could be their “Horror Heart Rate Analyst” and add that to your resume!

Applications are due by September 26th. You can apply here.

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