Do you wash your new clothes before wearing them?

The weekend has arrived and there’s LOTS to do!

Talked about the school bus crash by Eau Claire yesterday, and Shamrock! The lime green puppy that’s going viral.

We recapped last night’s NBA & NHL playoff action, and we talked a bit about the NFL Draft.

Let you know what’s on TV this weekend, what’s new in theaters this weekend, and what new music is out today!

Had a great story about a couple of heroic barbers that saved a kid from running into traffic, and a cat that went missing and was eventually found in an Amazon facility.

Today is “National Pretzel Day“, in case you were unaware…so enjoy a salty pretzel with some hot cheese sauce.

According to a new survey, people are basically split down the middle when it comes to washing new clothes before wearing them.

Talked about the alligator that wandered onto the golf course at the Zurich Classic, and Tom Brady allegedly half-assed a bunch of autographs that people paid a lot of money for.

Some food news this morning, including a Sour Patch Kids/Oreo collaboration, and Panera is looking for a Ranch expert to be their new “Ranch Hand”.

Be on the lookout for the possibly severe storms this weekend in the area. Could be pretty rough the next few days. Also, if you’re looking to visit Chicago & see the rat hole, you’re gonna have to wait until they figur out what to do with the sidewalk now that they removed it.

Doc joined us to talk racing, and during today’s “Bad News with Happy Music”, we had stories about a guy who stole a bunch of money from a youth football team & spent it on OnlyFans, using pee to fertilize your plants, and a guy who kept his dead mother’s ashes in his car and had it stolen.


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