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The one about Mac & Cheese

Jean was talking about popular Christmas cookies…Brian mentions something about Rice Krispy treats…and then his brain starts trying to figure out if you can make a completely portable Mac&Cheese similar to a Rice Krispy treat.

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The one with a bunch of Christmas stuff.

This week, we had a LOT of Christmas stuff….but Christmas isn’t the only holiday in December, so we played “Fact or Bullcrap – Lesser known holidays in December”. Plus, we talked about the supposed rules for a “White Elephant” gift exchange, the “four-gift” rule, and the most “Christmas-y” Christmas movies according to #Science!! Also, we…

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Congrats to Amy!

During our K9 Campaign to raise money for the La Crosse Police Department’s K9 unit, we sold a BUNCH of raffle tickets for a brand new, Honda CRF 125F dirtbike courtesy of Root River Racing…..and our winner was Amy! Yesterday, she stopped by Root River Racing and picked up the bike!

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The one with Shaw’s love of pretzels

This week started with “Cyber Monday”, so we played “Fact or Bullcrap – Cyber Monday edition” and had a list of the reasons why you weren’t going to do any online shopping. Plus, some interesting facts about some of your favorite holiday movies…and the top things you might not know about Ozzy on his 71st…

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K9 Campaign SUCCESS!!!

Between the online auctions, the raffle for the dirt bike(Congrats to Amy from Trempealeau!), the “Donuts for Donations”, and all the amazing Rock listeners who donated…..we were able to raise over $15,000 for the City of La Crosse’s K9 Unit to purchase & train a new K9 Officer. Many hands make light work, and we…

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Matt Cox Benefit

In October, Matt suffered a severe hemorrhagic stroke. He had two brain bleeds with massive hemorrhaging and was in a coma. He is still in the hospital with a long recovery ahead. Matt and his wife, Tami, live in De Soto and have five children together, ages 11-20. There’s a GoFundMe page set up with…

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The one with Drew filling in for Shaw

This week, we had Drew in the newsroom for Shaw and talked about a congressman who may or may not have farted during a live broadcast. Plus, we discussed a new list of the “Top 100 movies of the 2010’s“, had a story about a Bengals fan who’s living on the roof of his restaurant…

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Lorelei Brink Benefit

On February 28th, Lorelei went into cardiac arrest from influenza on her way to the ER in La Crosse. The medical team was able to stabilize her and she was airlifted to Mayo Clinic Hospital in Rochester where she was put on ECMO, respiratory life support, and dialysis. Her heart and lungs have made miraculous…

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The one with the Exploding Eye!!!!

This week, we talked about a lot of stuff and on Veteran’s Day, we played Fact or Bullcrap “Celebs who have served” edition. Plus, some tricks for helping you remember people’s names, how to properly load the dishwasher, and had some interesting stats about the food at Thanksgiving. Plus, we talked about a woman who…

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Erik Stolhanske interview!

This morning, we talked to Erik Stolhanske from Broken Lizard! We talked about their movies, Super Troopers, Beerfest, etc. And we talked about his upcoming appearances here in La Crosse at UWL, Viterbo, and Live From La Crosse!

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