Best of the Morning Sickness – The one with a vaccine

We had a hell of a week. Brian had to start broadcasting from home due to exposure to the ‘Rona, but we soldiered on with Jean & Shaw in the studio.

On Monday, we talked about all the extra time we’ve been spending on the couch during the pandemic, and had a list of some other things that can cause you to lose your sense of smell or taste.

Plus, there was some good news this week in regards to a vaccine! Did you change the batteries in your smoke detectors? We talked about some other household items that might need to be updated!

There was a lot of other stuff going on this week, including a list of some dating trends for 2021, a list of our favorite Thanskgiving side dishes, and a couple of stories about guys with things stuffed in places where they don’t belong.

Also, a “personality expert” examined how you grip the steering wheel and determined what it says about your personality, and we talked about some of the TV shows & movies we’ve been re-watching during the pandemic.


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