Me & the couch. It’s a date.

I will admit it…I’ve spent a LOT of time on the couch during the pandemic.

I’ve also gone out to the bars & restaurants…dined in, taken out, had curbside pickup…and then gone back home to enjoy the comfort of my couch & my TV.

But I don’t know if I’ve spent an extra 448 hours on there this year.

I also got out and went for Harley rides, walks with the dogs, we drove to Baraboo & Iowa during our “Stay-cation”…and we definitely spent many nights on the back deck, enjoying the weather and a firepit.

But, according to a new survey, the average American has spent an extra 448 hours on their couch since the ‘Rona got really bad in March.

Now, 448 sounds like a lot, but do the math, and it’s only about 2 hours more per day than previously.

I suppose you could be like Lucas and just take the pillow from the couch wherever you go….

Some other stats about our time on the couch during the ‘Rona:

  1. Our couch is our second-favorite piece of furniture overall.  The top five are our bed, sofa, lounge chair, coffee table, and home office furniture.
  2. The average sofa is seven years old.  Half of us would like a new one but don’t want to spend the money.
  3. 61% of people who are working from home say the couch has become their main workstation.
  4. And 7 in 10 say their “perfect night in” right now involves their sofa in some way.


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