Mashed potatoes suck.

Tots are great. I like fries. Hash browns are delightful. Vodka is superb. Scalloped potatoes are amazing. Potato salad is phenomenal.

But plain old mashed potatoes suck balls.

And that’s coming from an Irish guy. I grew up on mashed potatoes. We had some version of potato at every meal. And no matter how much butter or gravy I put on my mashed, I just never enjoyed them.

Give me any of the previous options over basic mashed.

Which is why I don’t understand this map of our favorite Thanksgiving side dishes.

Ten different states, including Wisconsin, Minnesota and Illinois.

You sit down at the Thanksgiving table, with all of the mouth-watering options available, and you choose mashed potatoes over stuffing? Or green bean casserole? Or mac-n-cheese?

What a sad, sad state of affairs.

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