New dating “trends” for 2021.

Because we live in a world where EVERYTHING has to have a cute little nickname, Plenty Of Fish put together their annual list of dating trends they expect to see in 2021 and gave them all clever monikers.

  1. Fauci-ing. It means “declining to date someone because you don’t feel they’re taking the pandemic seriously enough.
  2. Maskerading: Where you PRETEND to care about masks & Covid, just to get dates.

3. Apocalysing: Treating every relationship like it’s your last, and getting too serious too quickly. (sounds like some of my ex-gfs)

4. Zoomlandering. Apparently, this is when people can’t stop checking themselves out in the camera when they’re on a Zoom meeting.

5. Sanitizing: When you delete photos and wipe all evidence of all your past relationships from your social media.

6. Stalk-Blocking: When you make ALL of your social media accounts private, so that potential dates/mates can’t research you first.

7. The “Hey & Pray”: When you play the numbers game on dating apps, but just spamming a bunch of people with things like “hey” or “hi” and hope for the best!

For the complete list of the new “dating trends” for 2021 according to Plenty of Fish, click here.

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