Four things that can ALSO mess with your sense of taste.

Have you Googled “covid symptoms” recently?

Seems like the list of symptoms has increased exponentially! Everything from a fever to a dry cough, from headache to sore throat, from diarrhea to blueish lips/face.


One of the stranger symptoms has been the loss of your sense of smell & taste. I’ve known several people who’ve tested positive for the ‘Rona and they say that the loss of their sense of smell/taste was extremely bizarre.

Obviously, if you’re experiencing symptoms of the ‘Rona, you should probably get tested, or at least isolate for 10-14 days. But if you are losing your sense of taste/smell and it’s not the ‘Rona, it could be:

  1. Another virus! Yes, other viruses can be the cause of this, including the regular-ass flu.
  2. Dental problems. Gum disease or any kind of oral infection can mess with your sense of taste, usually causing a metallic flavor in your mouth. And with a lot of people skipping the dentist this year, this could certainly be an issue.
  3. Not getting enough nutrients. For example, being deficient in zinc can sometimes cause a metallic taste & weaken your sense of smell. So eat healthy!
  4. Allergies. If they’re bad, the congestion & inflammation can block your olfactory receptors behind your nose. Not to mention polyps in your sinuses.

So, just because you have lost your sense of smell or taste, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve got the Covid. But you should still go get tested to be sure and follow the recommended guidelines!

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