What your steering wheel grip says about your personality.

Ten & Two.

That’s one of the biggest things I remember from driver ed. back in the day.

Hands at ten & two!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fast forward 28 years, and now I’m using my knee while downing some fries!

Unfortunately, I don’t see that grip on this list….but I’m sure that this personality expert would label me a psycho for driving like that.

The top seven driving styles & what they might mean in regards to your personality:

  1. Hands at ten & two. If you still drive like that, it means you play by the rules. You might also be a perfectionist.
  2. Nine & three. Similar to ten & two, but directly on the left & right of the wheel. This means you’re likely an anxious person, but also very thorough.
  3. Eight & four. Basically, ten & two, but on the bottom of the wheel. It indicates you are confident & like to take charge.
  4. One hand on the bottom of the wheel means your a minimalist who keeps things simple
  5. One hand on/near the top of the wheel. This “expert” says you’re relaxed and like to project confidence.
  6. Holding on to the center of the wheel. If you’re holding it with just one hand, you’re a thrill-seeker. If you’ve got both hands on the center of the wheel, you’re soft spoken & try to avoid conflict.
  7. One hand on the horn means you’re probably busy and bossy, but you’re also reliable.

Check out the “science” here.

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