The one with all the Halloween stuff

This week, we ramped up to Halloween with a bunch of spooky stuff including a round of “Fact or Bullcrap” on National Pumpkin day! Plus, a list of the scariest horror-movie basements and a few things parents are doing this year instead of traditional trick-or-treating.

Shaw whiffed on this week’s “Killin’ me, Shaws”(it was 28 Days Later). And we discussed the top things people miss about being in the office. There was also some new dating terminology we found out about thanks to the ‘Rona.

And Brian shared a list of the “Best Beers in America” that was basically a bunch of IPAs and double IPAs. 


We also had a list of movies that were either filmed in or set in Wisconsin, and some other important Halloween stats!


Brian Simpson

Unapologetic fan of the Red Sox, Patriots, Bruins & Celtics. Lover of powerful, dark beers. Married with NO kids. Ever. Lover of doggos. Not so much cats.

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