Five new dating terms thanks to the ‘Rona.

I’ve been out of the dating world for a looooong time now, but thankfully, I still have many single friends who keep me up to date on all their Tindering and Zoom dates.

And because it’s 2020 and everything has to have a cute little nickname, there’s a new list of “dating terms” that people have created.

Much like “Sponge-worthy” or “Ghosting”, these aren’t all that hard to figure out, but if you’re in the dating pool, hear one of these and have no idea what it means, then this might help:

“Covid-Worthy” – a quality a potential match should have before you consider risking an in-person date. Much like Elaine on Seinfeld wondering if someone was “sponge-worthy”

“Sexually distancing” – when you heroically pause your sex life so as to not spread coronavirus.

“Virtual Date” – pretty self-explanatory….a date held on Zoom, FaceTime, et. al.

“Quarantine & chill” – when you hunker down with a romantic prospect, partly out of boredom, partly out of horniness.

“Antibody Boy/Girl” – a person who brags about having antibodies on a dating app, hoping it will lead to more matches

Just be careful out there!

There’s a few more here if you want to read about them.

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