The one with the pet monkey.

This week, we started out with a baseball edition of “Fact or Bullcrap” as the World Series got underway on Tuesday. Plus, we talked to Heather from the Coulee Region Humane Society about our recent “Rounds for Rescues” golf outing & how you can still help the CRHS!

We also talked to Wade from Rock Fest about the lineup and what to expect in 2021!

Plus, as we get closer & closer to Halloween, we discussed more spooky subjects like what our most common fears are in every state, and the scariest movies of all time according to #science!

And as the Covid 19 pandemic continues to wear us down, we had a list of the good habits we’ve gained during the pandemic! Speaking of good things, there was also the story about the kid who walked from Italy to England to see his grandmother!

Also, the moment you said, “Wow. I’m old!”


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