Good habits we’ve gained during the pandemic.

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned this year, it’s that not many people wash their hands regularly.

I can’t tell you the number of guys I’ve seen come into the bathroom while I’m in there, use the toilet or urinal, and then walk right out.


Even before a pandemic, that’s just nasty.

But hopefully, that’s not an indication of what’s it’s like throughout the rest of the city/state/country/world. As a guy who worked in restaurants growing up, I quickly learned how important it was to consistently wash my hands.

Regularly washing your hands should be one of the good habits we’ve gained during the pandemic, but it didn’t make the list.

Here’s the top 10 good habits we’ve gained:

  1. Drinking more water & staying hydrated
  2. Staying in better contact with friends & family
  3. Keeping your home uncluttered
  4. Being better with money
  5. Shopping locally
  6. Spending more time with your immediate family
  7. Regular exercise
  8. Spending more time in nature
  9. Going on walks
  10. Cooking from scratch.

I feel like most of these things should have been habits without the pandemic.

FYI, “Listening to more music” just missed the top 10!

What are some good habits you’ve developed during the pandemic?

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