What do you fear the most?

Anybody who knows me is aware that I’m terrified of sharks. It’s by far my biggest fear.

I saw the movie “Jaws” when I was a small child and it kinda ruined me. Luckily, I can avoid sharks easily by staying out of the ocean & living in the northern part of the hemisphere.

As for other fears, I can’t really think of anything in the usual realm. That’s not to say I enjoy snakes or spiders, but I wouldn’t say that I’m afraid of them, either.

Somebody looked at Google data to figure out what people fear the most in every state, and the most common fear we have in America is anthropophobia.

Yup. The fear of other people.

To be fair, the number of searches for that fear is up 500% from last year, thanks to Covid.

But it’s not the only Covid-related fear out there. Some states are afraid of germs, going outside, and being alone.

Last year, the most common fear in America was aviophobia, the fear of flying.

Here in the Midwest, we’re afraid of spiders in Wisconsin, “being alone” in Minnesota, Iowa is afraid of people, and in Illinois, they’re afraid of intimacy.

Kudos to my home state of NH & Montana who are still terrified of clowns.

For all the info on this report, click here.

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