Bags’ Top 10 – Reasons My Kid Won’t Eat

I love my boys. I cannot state that enough….

But they drive me crazy. For those of you who aren’t parents, here’s a fun thing they can sometimes do. They’ll get hungry, which as for many of us, makes them grumpy. But now, for some inexplicable reason, they won’t eat. So the grumpiness gets worse. My oldest does this nonsense sometimes. I never thought I’d have to spend so much time of my life trying to convince a hungry person to eat.

Here’s a fun list of some of the excuses he’s given me as to why he can’t eat.
Strap in.

10. This pudding looks like my poop.
9. This lasagna is too meaty.
8. This is too cold! *microwaves it for 10 seconds* This is too hot!
7. The cheese is too melty.
6. I don’t like chicken nuggets! (They’re literally his favorite food)
5. Pepperoni is too spicy!
4. You didn’t cut my sandwich right!
3. Carrots are too crunchy
2. Tator tots make my poop sticky. (Yes… sticky. Not stinky)
1. This isn’t macaroni and cheese! It’s shells!

Bags Top 10
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