The Monday Morning Throwback –

Back in 2016, Drew was filling in for Scott Robert Shaw, and during “Bad News with Happy  Music”, he shared a story about a #FloridaMan who was angered over his recent eviction from a mobile home park. So, he allegedly snuck back into the property and contaminated the community swimming pool with a five gallon bucket filled with a vile slurry that “had the appearance of liquid feces/diarrhea,”

Reminds me of that scene in “Caddyshack”, but WAAAAAAAAAAY worse.


The alleged poop-bucket guy, Thomas Lee Mason, apparently has a pretty extensive record including an arrest for drunk driving, domestic battery, disorderly intoxication, trespass, robbery, aggravated assault, battery on a law enforcement officer and violating probation.

Authorities estimated it would cost $300 to fully clean the pool.

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