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How long would you want to live?

As a kid, I LOVED to read books about vampires. The Brian Lumley “Necroscope” series. “Vampires” by John Steakly. So many other titles. Not sure what my obsession with them was at the time, but as I’ve gotten older, I think it might have something to do with eternal life. Sure, you can’t go out…

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That time Brian’s moped got hit. Again.

Back in 2009, Brian had a sweet-ass moped that got pimped out by Unique edge. They did an incredible job with his 1984 Honda Elite….painted it, added a nitro-boost, gave it a diamond-plate floorboard, threw in an airhorn….it was AWESOME!!! But that didn’t stop two people from backing over it while it was properly parked…

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The one with the new “viral challenges”

This week, we discovered TWO new viral challenges…the “Soy Sauce” challenge and the “Outlet” challenge.  Plus, we ran through the top signs you’re going to a bad dentist….the reasons you are NOT watching the Impeachment…the the top tips for getting out of jury duty. Also this week, a “What would you do” in regards to finding…

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The latest viral “challenge”.

In an attempt to gain internet fame, the “challenge” has become a thing. The Cinnamon Challenge. The Cereal Challenge. The Fire Challenge. The ‘In my feelings’ Challenge. The Tide Pod Challenge!(Still not sure how that ever became a thing) And those are just a few of the more well-known challenges. Trust me when I tell…

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The BEST Super Bowl!

Lists are subjective. The best this. The greatest that. Top ten of these…. Doesn’t matter if it’s about food, music, movies, TV shows, or sports. I’m sure a lot of people will say I’m a “homer” because I think that the 2016 Super Bowl between the Patriots & Falcons is the best of all time,…

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Rammstein is Coming To Minnesota and Chicago!

Holy macaroni! I’ve seen some stage and seating setups and it look INSANE!! There’s even a “fire pit” Which is scary and badass all in one! August 30th they play US Bank and September 3rd they play Soldier Field. Lets go!!!

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The most unprofessional thing you’ve ever done while working.

There’s a new list on Buzzfeed about the most unprofessional thing people have done while at work. Some pretty standard stuff on the list like “watch porn”, “shopping while on the clock”, “took a nap”….and then there’s the interesting answers like “made cupcakes with Ex-Lax because people kept stealing my lunch”, and “had sex with…

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