Help the Kids Get Back to School

It’s that back to school time of the year again. So as you prepare your own children to go back, take in the reminder that there are some families in our area that have trouble affording the things their kids need to start the year.

We need every kid to have everything they need for school. It’s important. We need people who are gonna grow up and invent new things to make our lives easier, to create new movies and music for us to enjoy. We need someone who will grow up and invent a microwave pizza that’s actually crispy when you microwave it!

Okay, maybe that last thing won’t happen. But hey, it could! But it won’t unless we can make sure our kids have all the tools for learning at their disposal. Education is the key to success, and we want all of our children to succeed to the best of their ability.

You can help, and you can learn how by clicking here.

Big ups to 1st Business Solutions, La Crosse Regional Airport, Wisconsin Insurance Center, Saxon Hall, Altra Federal Credit Union, and River Valley Remodelers for helping us put this together.
Seriously, you guys rock! \m/

Back 2 School
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