Apps for your summer road trip!

If I were to go on a road trip this summer, I’d definitely need my Jungle Marble Blast & Candy Crush app.

But what if you’re looking for something other than mindless time wasters?

Maybe you need gas? Pizza? WiFi?

All very important things.

You don’t wanna end up walking through the desert after crashing the family truckster.

Here’s a few apps you might want to download to take with you before you set out for Wally World!

  • The Roadside America app

    The mobile version of the popular website gives you a list of really cool stuff to find on our road trip like animatronic dinosaurs, giant roadside attractions and unique rest stops.
  • The Roadtrippers app

    Put in your starting & finishing points, and this app will give you a list of some cool stops along the way. You can also search for parks, museums, old-school diners, breweries & more.
  • WiFi map app

    Pretty self-explanatory here. It finds the nearest wifi hotspot from a crowdsourced list of free hotspots around the world, including passwords if needed!
  • The Seek app

    If you see a cool bird or bug, or think that plant might be poisonous, just take a pic of that plant or animal and the Seek app will help you identify it.
  • The Star Walk 2 app

    This app displays a real-time map of the sky above you. And you’ll get 3-D models of the constellations, learn about the planets and possibly, Uranus.
  • The IExit app

    This app shows you which interstate exits have gas, food & lodging and which do not.
  • The GasBuddy app

    You should probably have this one already, but if you don’t, get it! It finds you the closest & cheapest gas, using crowdsourced data from over 150,000 gas stations across the country.
  • The Flush app

    This app finds the closest public restrooms from a database of over 200,000…also details the accessibility of the restrooms
  • The NPS app

    The app of the National Park Service offers over 400 parks to check out…find tours, maps, amenities, trails & more!
  • The HipCamp app

    If you’re looking to rent space on private land for your RV or tent, this is the one.

    As with anything, there’s PLENTY of other apps out there to help you on your summer road trip. And if you’ve got any suggestions, please share!

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