The Texas Chain-PAW Massacre!

Have you ever watched a horror movie, saw the family pet and thought to yourself, “that’s a cute dog/cat”?

Well, now you can potentially own a pet that looks just like that one from the movie, thanks to the Texas ChainPAW Massacre.

It’s a service that basically scours the internet for animals that are up for adoption around the country that are the dopplegangers for your favorite horror movie pets.

Talk about a niche!

It’s run by a couple of sisters and you can follow them on Facebook, Insta, or Twitter. They regularly post pics of pets waiting to be adopted around the US that look like animals from your favorite horror films.

So, if you’ve always wanted a cat that looks like Church from the original “Pet Semetary”….

….they can probably help track one down.

Or, if you’re looking for a bulldog that resembles Rosie the bulldog from “Krampus”…..

….you might be in luck.

Or, if you’ve been scared out of the water by a certain man-eating shark back in the 70’s, and the only thing that will calm your frayed nerves is a dog named Pippet….

….then you should probably give them a follow.

“We find adoptable animals in shelters, rescues, or foster homes that are doppelgangers of often unappreciated animals in horror movies,” said the sisters in a recent interview.

Two of my absolute favorite things.

Horror movies & saving animals!

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