Your mom hates you.

With Mother’s Day this weekend, here’s a friendly reminder to get her a card.

At the very least.

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Unless you’ve got a mom like this….

Might be time to move out!

But, if you’ve got a cool mom and you REALLY want to reward her this Mother’s Day, just leave her alone.

What she really wants is some time to herself, some peace & quiet….and a chance to relax and recharge her batteries.

A new survey asked moms what makes them the most disappointed or annoyed on Mother’s Day and the top five are:

  1. Having to clean up after the party or meal.

    Sure, breakfast in bed is cute & looks nice on TV or in a movie, but you know who’s gotta clean that disaster? Usually, it’s mom. According to the survey, 47% of mothers say it’s the MOST disappointing thing about Mother’s Day.
  2. Not being able to take a break from the everyday routine.

    Let her have the entire day to herself. She can sleep in, go shopping, get a spa treatment, drink coffee or wine….just about anything but the “same ol’, same ol'” will do.
  3. Feeling exhausted by the end of the day. 33% of the moms out there said this was the most annoying thing about Mother’s Day. So let her relax!
  4. Waking up early.

    Seriously…are we sensing a theme here? She wants to rest. Relax. So let her sleep in. Take the kids to a park or their grandparents house.
  5. Not getting any time alone.

    Go figure. After being Super Mom the other 364 days of the year, your mom is looking for a friggin’ day off. So give her one!

Sure, the Hallmark commercial wants you to believe that having her family around is exactly what mom wants…but 70% of the women surveyed said that what they REALLY want is to be left alone on Mother’s Day!

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