Music for the Seasons!

Isn’t it a beautiful day out there? My goodness how wonderful! Roll those windows down, breathe in deep and embrace the impending Spring! Also remember to spring ahead this weekend because after a year like we’ve had the best thing is to have one less hour to sleep.

I was thinking the other day about what kind of tunes I like to jam when the weather turns as it has. So I’ve compiled a list of tunes that make me happy when it’s sunny out.

Well that’s just a summer tune if I’ve ever heard one.

This one screams happiness! Notice the sun feels warmer and the air so full of life!

Make sure your breaths are as deep as Phil’s growls!

The heaviest band in the universe makes the birds chirp a little louder and the buds sprout a little faster.

And finally this beautiful track to remind how us nice it is to be going into Spring and not Fall!

Enjoy the nice weather folks and make sure the music is loud enough for the guy next to you feel it. HORNS UP!

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