People sanitized their groceries?

According to a new poll, 42% of Americans say the pandemic has turned them into a germaphobe.

Admittedly, when this all started about a year ago, I was washing my hands a lot more, using hand sanitizer(which I NEVER did before), and I was also trying my hardest to refrain from touching my face.

But, we never sanitized our groceries. How do you even do that?

And unlike someone my wife knows, we never put our mail or Amazon deliveries in a room for 24-48 hours before opening them.

There was a ton of shit we just didn’t know at the beginning. Sounded & felt like doomsday. And when the bars in WI closed, you knew shit was real.

But after a few months, the gloomy clouds started to clear up a bit as more information about the virus became apparent, and there was some hope about things getting better.

I still wash my hands more, and we’re still cleaning the studio at the station in between uses, but I’ve definitely been way more relaxed on the Covid precautions we were initially taking.

This recent poll found that the top precautions we’ve stopped taking include:

  • Changing your clothes as soon as you get home. Half of people who did this early on in the pandemic have since stopped.
  • Sanitizing your groceries
  • Sanitizing packages
  • Carrying hand sanitizer at all times
  • Immediately washing fruits & veggies when you get home from the store
  • Constantly washing your hands, even if you haven’t gone anywhere
  • Doing everything you can to avoid touching stuff when you’re out
  • Washing your hands for at least 20 seconds
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