The Last Ride of Larry The Lariat.

The first song I played in Larry

It was a sunny September day in 2016 when I brought Larry to my house. He was a good time, played music loud and rumbled like the meanest V-8 I have ever owned. He was the first truck I ever bought. What a happy day!

We drove everywhere together. Wherever I needed to be, Larry got me there. From Moondance Jam.

To snowy tailgate parties.

Even as an epic background in a picture, Larry was always there to help.

It was a hell of a five years with my truck and I will miss it. Not the $100 gas bills, or the brakes going out then going out again three months later because the tech put them on backwards. I won’t miss the way the subwoofer worked at a max volume of 2 and the speakers made it sound like an old man stereo or that anyone under 5′ 7″ complained about how “it’s impossible to get in this thing.” Did they ever try being taller? No, it was always Larry’s fault. SMH.

I will miss my Ghost and Metallica CD’s I forgot in the changer though so whoever buys Larry please send them to me. If you do by some chance buy Larry though I hope he makes you as happy as he did me. Drive fast, no brakes.

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