The one with Kaitlyn!

This week we had Kaitlyn Riley filling in for Scott Robert Shaw and she did a GREAT job!

We started the week off with a breakfast foods edition of “Fact or Bullcrap” on National Waffle Day. Plus, we ran down a list of the top projected Halloween costumes of 2020.

We had a story about how you could get paid to be a Karen! Plus, every state’s worst tourist attraction. Surprised to see the WI Dells was the worst in the dairy state.

We also talked to Jimmy Heiderscheit of Monkey Wrench & the Homeland Conspiracy about the upcoming “Who Gives a Fest” drive-in music festival!

Later in the week, it was National TP Day, and we broke down how much your toilet paper is truly worth. Plus, a new “Summer Party Tip” and our first ever edition of “You’re killin’ me, Kaitlyn”!!! She was excellent!

She also scored major points during her first ever “Bad News with Happy Music”. We also talked about what makes a successful relationship!


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