This year’s top Halloween costumes

Sure, it’s in the 90’s this week, but September is literally happening next week.

And then BOOM! It’s Halloween.

My wife & I are big fans of the Halloween season. We watch all the horror movies, decorate the house, eat all the candy. And I also enjoy putting together a good costume or two.

This year should be interesting. My guess is that trick-or-treating won’t happen…but bars will still likely have some sort of Halloween party on the 31st.

And if you’re thinking about getting decked out and heading downtown, here’s what you can expect to see. The top Halloween costumes according to Party City:

  1. Horror movie characters like Jason, Freddy, Michael Myers, etc.
  2. Video game characters. They’re expecting a lot of Fortnite, Halo, & Super Mario costumes this year.
  3. Frontline heroes like nurses, doctors, EMTs, etc.
  4. Characters from Frozen. That shit will NEVER get old.
  5. Anything “Tiger King”. Sure, it feels like eons ago, but you know there’s going to be a LOT of Joe Exotics running around on 3rd St.
  6. Wonder Woman characters. The new film is still supposed to come out this year, and with the theaters reopening, this should be a pretty popular one.
  7. Harley Quinn & other characters from “Suicide Squad” or “Birds of Prey”. Hello, tight fitting clothes!
  8. Skeletons.
  9. Other undead characters like zombies, vampires, etc.
  10. Politicians. It’s the week before the election….of COURSE there’s going to be Bidens & Trumps!

I’m surprised to see that the Mcloskeys didn’t make the list. I expect there to be no less than 100 of these costumes downtown this year.

Are you working on your costume already?

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