What’s the worst attraction in Wisconsin?

Every state has them.


Reasons to come visit. Here in La Crosse, we’ve got the World’s Largest Six Pack, Grandad’s Bluff, the Hiawa…ope.

They’re all nice, but what’s the worst attraction in Wisconsin?

According to this dude on Insta, it’s the Dells. And it’s just from a poll he created, not from any actual knowledge of the Dells.

I Googled “why the Dells sucks” and here’s what I got:

“Wisconsin Dells is known as a tourist trap in South Dakota and other areas in the Upper Midwest”

Our neighbors in MN have the MOA as their worst attraction, and in Iowa, it’s the Field of Dreams! (which I find offensive!)

But at least it’s not the “World’s Tallest Filing Cabinet” in Vermont.

Seriously? Who’s driving to VT to get a look at a filing cabinet?

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