Be a Karen. Get paid.

Look….right now is not a good time to be named “Karen”.

You’ve seen the videos of the meltdowns. They want to speak to the manager. They want to use expired coupons. They don’t want to wear a mask. They clap their hands when they talk to make a point.

Karens are the worst.

Unless you’re “Dehumidifier Critic” and you want to keep it real!

They’re currently looking to hire a Karen to provide judgemental product reviews.

According to the job description, “we’re recruiting a woman to write three reviews a week…as well as be the voice & authority behind our Call-A-Karen service, which potential customers can call for advice & recommendations”

It’s remote work, so you can be anywhere as long as you’ve got access to the internet. And it’s $65/hr!

Apply before next Monday here.

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