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Morning Sickness

Jamie Dahl Interview

In honor of October being “Breast Cancer Awareness” month, we had Jamie Dahl in studio to talk about her journey and her new book! You can find out more and buy her book on her website!

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The one with the pleasure wand

This week, we were dealing with our Oktoberfest hangover, but still managed to play “Fact Or Bullcrap – Super Bowl performers” edition. We also talked about how pop culture ruined people’s first names. There was a woman who was robbed of a VERY special toy, and we discussed America’s zombie apocalypse plans. Plus, the subject…

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The one with vomit vs. poop

First week of Fall! So we played “Fact or Bullcrap” – First Day of Fall edition….plus, we had a list of the top reasons you love Autumn! Had a GREAT story about a woman who bit a camel on the balls. And we played “Who’d you rather” with some bodily functions. And of course, we…

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The one with the Amish stereo

This week, Jean was out, Shaw was out…but Brian and Drew held down the fort early in the week until they returned. We talked about life’s “simple pleasures“, and discussed our top “minor inconveniences/first world problems”. Plus, we played “Fact or Bullcrap – Real names of celebrities” edition and had some “Fun Facts about Pirates”…

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The one with cyborg upgrades

This week, we talked to Don Scott, the winner of the bike for the 95 Days of Summer! Plus, we played “Fact or Bullcrap” – names of English food edition. Plus, we reviewed a list of the “Top 50 Hair Metal Albums“, discussed what happens when you sit for too long, looked into a survey…

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The one with the Chicken Sammiches

This week, we had Monday off thanks to Labor Day, but we got right to it on Tuesday, with a list of the “Least Popular Barbies”. Plus, we talked about Jericho’s title belt getting stolen, discussed our generation’s lack of patience, and had the “Top Signs You’re Seeing a Bad Therapist”. Also, a mechanic found…

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The one with the text message discussion

This week, we talked about a LOT of different stuff. It was National Dog Day on Monday, so we had some stats about our love for dogs…and we played “Fact or Bullcrap – Dog Day” edition. Plus, Drew revealed that he’d never seen the movie “Kingpin”, so we ran through a list of the 140…

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The one with the EnergyStar report

This week, we had a bunch of those pseudo-holidays like “National Radio Day” and “National Potato Day”. Plus, we discussed EnergyStar’s stupid report about where you should set your AC….and we talked about the group of 62-85 year olds who were caught having sex in the woods of CT. Plus, the Nature Boy was in…

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Anh Retires!

This week, Brian talked about his grill issues…and Anh retires! Plus, a new Summer Party Tip, some relaxation tips, and a woman who “….slipped and fell on a cucumber & it got stuck…”

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Suck it from a Distance

Hell of a week! The big take-away was Shaw saying “Suck it from a distance“. Classic stuff. Plus, we had a list about America’s favorite & least favorite sammiches….what would your cat say if it could talk???? Went over a list of the “Top 25 TV Openings“…talked about a kid who built a lemonade stand…

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