Shaw may have his house paid off, but he doesn’t have central AC.

After a couple of extra days off for the 4th of July holiday, we’re back in the studio for a full FIVE days of work.


We recapped our Independence Day weekends, talked about Danny Trejo‘s 4th of July incident, and also discussed the Pittsburgh Pirates…who ran out of fireworks over the weekend!

Got an update on John Force and looked at the new TikTok sensation, “Scrambled Pancakes“.

Crazy story about a high school kid who saved a bunch of kids & also jumped onto a runaway boat to stop it from potentially doing more damage.

ICYMI, John Cena announced he’s retiring from the WWE.

This week’s “Monday Morning Throwback” was our 2015 interview with Corky Gainsford, the former drummer for Otherwise.

Here’s six passive/aggressive phrases you should stop saying!

During today’s birthday segment, we also brought up the story about Kevin Bacon donning a disguise so he could mingle with the rest of us.

New study says that where you keep your thermostat at during the summer months depends on where you grew up.

Cool story about Aaron Rodgers helping a community affected by wildfires.

During today’s “Bad News with Happy Music”, we had stories about a shooting at a food-donation drive, a man who got stuck on a mountain in Utah after he followed his GPS, a flash-robbery at a gas station in LA, a massive brawl on a flight over switching seats, a couple of 4th of July fireworks mishaps, some teens who had to be rescued after they allegedly had a run-in with Bigfoot, and a guy who set a couple of Guinness World Records with his eye sockets.


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