Brian needs a new cleaning lady.

Welcome to Friday, yo!

A bit of rain today, but looks like it’s going to be sunny & warm all this weekend.

We started you off with a recap of last night’s Presidential Debate, and we let you know what’s new in theaters this weekend.

The NFL got hammered by the U.S. District Court in their Sunday Ticket lawsuit, and former Packer, Randall Cobb, is lucky to be alive after his house in Nashville burned down earlier this week.

Great story about a woman in Whitewater, WI who created a free dog pantry for pet owners who may need a little bit of help with their furry friends when times get tough.

Talked a bit about the 2nd round of the NBA draft, including an interesting nugget involving former Duke player, Kyle Filipowski.

Crazy video from Alton, IL of a sinkhole swallowing a soccer field!

Did you hear that 5-Hour Energy has a caffeinated BBQ sauce now? And according to a new survey, 69% of Americans find it attractive when their partners clean the house.

Crazy story about a county board candidate in MN who threw a tarantula at a woman that refused to move out of her house!

Doc joined us in studio this morning for the Racing Report, and during today’s “Bad News with Happy Music”, we had stories about about a school staff that went to Hawaii for a recruitment trip, a guy who got killed by lightning, a woman who crashed into a building a couple of times and tried to light it on fire, a copper thief in Iowa that got electrocuted, a store that was closed because they were “having sex“, a fortune teller that robbed some people in a trailer park, a guy who tried to steal some animal crackers from an open garage, and a manure truck that overturned in a neighborhood.


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