4th Of July hot dog stuff.

Today is essentially “Hump Day” as we’re off on Thursday & Friday this week.

So let’s get over the hump with what’s new on New Release Tuesday, and a very in-depth update on the Hawk Tuah Girl, including her run-in with Shaq over the weekend, her appearance on a recent podcast, and a guy who wants her to spit in a jar for $600.

Talked about the start of NBA & NHL free agency, and the wild news about the Celtics being for sale just days after winning the franchise’s 18th title.

Nice move by MrBeast, who just helped build 100 homes for impoverished people in Jamaica, El Salvador, & Argentina.

Today is “Made in the USA Day“, and “World UFO Day“, and to celebrate, Subway stores around the US are using drones to deliver foot-longs to hungry customers.

Obviously, the 4th of July is coming up later this week, so we took a look at some stats & info on the holiday, including the kinds of hot dogs we’re Googling.

Looks like former #1 NFL draft pick, Jamarcus Russell, is in some deep shit.

Talked with Grant Bilse from the Wisco Sports Show, and during today’s “Bad News with Happy Music”, we had stories about a cafe owner that had to close because of her neighbors complaining about the smell of Bacon, a guy who robbed a couple in Hawaii & then chased them up a volcano, a guy who blew off a bunch of his fingers with some fireworks, a guy in a cemetery in Maine who was smashing turtles, a #FloridaWoman who wanted to cuddle with her boyfriend, and an airplane that experienced some serious turbulence.


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