Brian’s B-Day Hangover & National BBQ day!

After a successful Birthday, Brian woke up feeling like hot garbage.

Too many shots of Jameson, I guess.

He also had a song stuck in his head thanks to Instacart.

We recapped last night’s NBA & NHL playoff action, talked about the Caitlin Clark impact on TV, let you know what’s on TV tonight, and told you about an iPhone update that’s allegedly repopulating people’s deleted nude photos.

Uh oh!

Had a very Canadian story about a guy who found some space junk on his farm, and a family in NY was recently reunited with a family heirloom after a decade of looking for it.

Today is National BBQ Day, so that might be on the agenda for dinner tonight!

Have you seen the Tennessee Titans schedule release video??? It’s HILARIOUS!

Talked about a lawsuit involving the Chicago Blackhawks, and another animal on the field story…this time, a racoon made it’s way onto the pitch!

During today’s “Bad News with Happy Music”, we had stories about a school in the UK that has bad water, a bunch of cash keeps being left behind in bathrooms, a Air Force pilot who was killed by his ejection seat, a woman who swam a REALLY long way, a woman’s Kia Soul almost got stolen, an attempt to get the most people wearing dinosaur costumes in one place, a #FloridaMan who pulled a gun in a bar after they attempted to close, and a woman in Delaware can now have her “FCANCER” license plate.


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