Scottie Scheffler got arrested!

What a day, what a week!

Began the morning talking about the new painting of King Charles, and then we got sidetracked when Scottie Scheffler got arrested at the PGA Championship!

Crazy stuff.

We recapped last night’s NBA & NHL playoff action, and talked about the continued impact of Caitlin Clark on the WNBA.

We let you know what’s in theaters this weekend & on TV, and we talked about the frontman for Giovannie & the Hired Guns entering rehab.

Had a great story about a company that actually cares about it’s employees, and a taco stand in Mexico City just got a Michelin Star!

Brian isn’t the only person who thinks that Shohei Ohtani knew about the gambling‚Ķdisgraced former NBA referee Tim Donaghy also thinks that.

Doc joined us for this week’s Racing Report to break up all the Scottie Scheffler talk, and during today’s “Bad News with Happy Music”, we had stories about a guy who was missing for 26 years, a candidate for the West Virginia Secretary of State that got bit by a snake, a city finance director that was embezzling money for two years before getting caught, a guy who got assaulted by a FULL adult diaper, a #FloridaMan named “Captain Dickhead”, a town in NJ with a goose problem, a guy who got busted at an airport for dropping a bag in a restricted area, a recall on marijuana joints, and a guy in NY who is fighting back against the local government with a giant penis statue.


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