Bags is Doing Drag for the Rock Foundation!

So a friend approached me with a question. One that was understandably tough to ask because it’s something pretty wild to ask for. But the question was, “If we were to do a drag show where we got local celebrities to do drag for the first time for charity, would you do it?”
The answer was yes. A rather nervous one, albeit. But hey, what’s a life passing up the occasional wild idea?

So here I am, participating in Dragging With The La Crosse Stars on July 27th at the La Crosse Center.

There are local celebrities from all over the area doing drag for the first time for charity. Each paired with a seasoned drag queen to help coach us through the process. I’ll be partnered up with my friend Reignyn Khaos, and of course, my charity of choice will be The Rock Foundation.
I’ve seen how 95.7 The Rock’s Rock Foundation has changed the lives of my community, and there’s no craziness I’m not willing to endure if it’ll help our charity help our people.

We’ll have more information as we get closer to the date, but suffice to say, we’ll be injecting a bit of metal into this drag show.
Thanks for the support!

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