Brian lived to see 48!

It’s Brian’s Birthday!

He took some liberties with the music this morning as he celebrated turning 48 years old.

We also recapped the NBA & NHL playoff action from last night, and we talked about Caitlin Clark‘s WNBA regular-season debut.

Had a cool story about a 17 year old girl who just graduated with her DOCTORATE, and we discussed a list of the germiest spots in your office.

Did you hear about the commencement speech that Harrison Butker made? It’s making waves on the internet.

We played “You’re killin’ Me, Shaws” this morning, but our phones weren’t working properly & we were unable to actually take a call. So, we played a practice round instead & doubled the jackpot for next week.

Talked about the “Hot Dogs from Heaven” promotion that the Seattle Mariners unveiled over the weekend, and during today’s “Bad News with Happy Music”, we had stories about a ride at Cedar Point that shut down after only a week of operation, a search for a dead man in the ocean ended with the police finding a different dead body, a guy who raped a woman and then messaged her on social media about it was finally arrested, a woman is getting Royal recognition for saving her sister from a crocodile attack, a college that erroneously sent out acceptance letters, a guy who got busted for a crime after his footprint was left behind in some cajun seasoning, the Portal in NY had to close down already, and an Iowa man who got popped for DUI and was allegedly EIGHT feet tall!


Brian Simpson

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