A sidler, and a premature sticker at the grocery store.

Another really nice day, minus the Canadian wild fires.

We started you off with the news that Red Lobster has closed a bunch of locations, including the one in Onalaska. And they’re already auctioning off all the equipment.

Recapped the NBA & NHL playoff action from last night, and we discussed Ryhs Hoskins injury during the Brewer game against the Pirates.

Let you know what’s new on New Release Tuesday, and we shared a couple of uplifting stories about a boy who beat cancer & was welcomed back to his neighborhood with a personal parade, and a brewery in Iowa that created a new beer to help benefit a local mental health charity.

Talked about Caitlin Clark making her WNBA regular season debut tonight, and tried to figure out the new in-season Nascar tournament that’s coming next year.

Got Grant Bilse from the Wisco Sports Show on the phone to talk about the Rhys Hoskins injury & the upcoming NFL schedule release, and during today’s “Bad News with Happy Music”, we had stories about the guy who tracks Taylor Swift’s flights, a winch in Death Valley that did some damage, scorpions are on the loose in Las Vegas, Punxsutawney Phil had kids, a woman who wasn’t cremated, a bunch of guys with the same name running for office, and a school prank involving bagpipers!


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