Passwords, a face-eater, and Brian “races” a mini-van

One more day of work left!

Started the morning with the tragic news out of Mount Horeb, WI.

Also recapped last night’s NBA & NHL playoff action, and discussed the suspensions handed down by MLB after the Brewers/Rays dust-up on Tuesday night.

Laughed at the video of Ryan Gosling & Mikey Day reprising their SNL “Beavis & Butthead” roles on the red carpet for Gosling’s new movie, “The Fall Guy”.

And Brian recalled a story about Creed getting their gear stolen when they played his hometown many years ago before they hit the big time.

Had a incredible story about a 9 year-old in Oklahoma that ran a mile in the dark to save his parents’ lives after a tornado threw their truck into a tree & severly injured the parents. The family has a GoFundMe page set up to help with their mounting medical bills.

Couple of food related items this morning, including a new flavor from Jif, and a pickle-flavored wine spritzer is now available for preorder!

Today is “World Password Day“, so we looked at how long it would take a hacker to get your password based on how many numbers, letters, & symbols you’ve got.

Did you see the video of the bear at the zoo that ate the ducklings right in front of a bunch of kids that were celebrating a birthday? Scarred for life!

We also talked about the guy who was thrown out of the Mets game after eating 9 hot dogs & drinking 10 beers.

And during today’s “Bad News with Happy Music”, we had stories about a granny in New Mexico who shot an intruder, a pizza delivery kid who almost got shot for parking in the wrong spot, a fire at a peanut butter manufacturing plant, a woman in West Virginia who stole a truck to hunt pedos, a man who threw fried chicken at his sister because he was hangry, a guy who got a dental implant screwed into his brain, a priest who spend a bunch of the church’s money on Candy Crush, and a story about a face-eater that will haunt you.


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