Top Songs of the Week – 5/2/24

We’ve seen LOTS of movement in our Top Songs list this week. In fact, with so much new stuff coming in, 95.7 The Rock is starting to sound like a brand new station altogether. Check out who’s on the list this week in no particular order.

  1. Beartooth – I Was Alive
  2. Green Day – Dilemma
  3. Metallica – Screaming Suicide
  4. Des Rocs – I am the Lightning
  5. Nothing More – If it Doesn’t Hurt
  6. Godsmack – Truth
  7. Five Finger Death Punch ft DMX – This is the Way

Of all the new stuff to hit the Top Songs list, I’m most happy for Des Rocs. From the moment I first heard “I am the Lightning” I immediately dug into the rest of his catalog. He’s got an interesting sound that features elements of old school punk, 70’s rock, nu-metal, and funk. I’d highly encourage you to check him out more.

Top Songs of the Week
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