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HUMP DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

After spending several hours mowing yesterday, we’re all pretty sore & tired. But with the rain later this week, it was a must to get that lawn taken care of.

We started you off with a recap of last night’s NBA & NHL playoff action, and we talked about the “brawl” that broke out during yesterday’s Brewers game.

Let you know what’s on TV tonight, and we talked about Sammy Hagar getting his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Had an uplifting story about a cop in Canada who anonymously donated a kidney, then became close friends with the woman who received the kidney. And a story about a heroic 8th grader in Wisconsin who saved a bus driver after she had passed out.

What’s the #1 thing you want when you go on vacation? A recent survey says that 70% of people want fast wi-fi more than anything else.

Have you heard about the Cheeseball guy? I’m calling shenanigans. That’s not a full jug of cheeseballs. More like half a jug.

Eric was able to correctly guess that Shaw wouldn’t know what movie today’s quote came from with “You’re Killin’ Me, Shaws”(it was ‘Friday the 13th: Part 2‘)

We had a lot of bee stories this morning, including the start of “No Mow May“, and a bee swarm that delayed last night’s Dodgers/Diamondbacks game.

And during today’s “Bad News with Happy Music”, we had stories about a guy who went on a first date with a woman and she ended up shooting at him, a couple that found about 60,000 bees in the walls of their home, a guy who was trying to smuggle snakes in his pants, a ATM thief who was caught at a casino, a man who killed his grandmother because he thought she was the devil, an emergency slide from a plane ended up in an ironic place, and a couple of lions decided to bang on top of a safari truck.


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