Burn EVERYTHING with the Thermonator!!!!!

HUMP DAY!!!!!!

We’re halfway through our week without Shaw and so far, so good.

We started you off with the Wednesday song & played “You’re Killin’ Me, Jeans” for some of Brian’s morning-show money. It was from “Knocked Up“, and she TOTALLY knew it!

Also talked about the MN Senator who was arrested for burglary, the potential TikTok ban, and the bird flu being found in pasteurized milk.

NBA & NHL playoff results from last night’s games, and a cool story about a Girl Scout in PA that collected over 150 prom dresses WITH shoes for other girls in her community!

Had some horrible news about a drunk woman in Michigan who allegedly drove drunk & crashed into a young child’s birthday party, killing several children.

Brian refused to play a request for Falling In Reverse’s cover of “Last Resort”, and several people seemed to appreciate his decision.

In case you missed it, they National Weather Service added magenta to the heat risk index.

Did you see the video of the guy who took a punch from one of Nikola Jokic‘s brothers at the recent Nuggets/Lakers playoff game? Crazy stuff!

We also talked about the recent US Justice Department settlement for the Larry Nassar victims, and Brian raved about this new flame-throwing robot dog named “The Thermonator

Plus, a list of everyday irritations!

You’ve probably heard of the beer mile…but have you heard about the WINE MARATHON????

During today’s “Bad News with Happy Music”, we had stories about a former school officer who killed his ex-wife and his teen girlfriend before abducting his son, a beer truck that crashed, and a man with a giant penis.


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